Monday, March 14, 2016

Strawberry glory

  1. Watch this video

  2. Did you enjoy it? You can watch more of his recipes on Youtube. I recommend you this one and this other.

  3. Write a recipe in pairs. If you need a guide, you can find a text organiser here.
  4. Video record it and upload it. Need inspiration? Here you will find a written recipe and its corresponding video.
Who will be awarded the 'Best class recipe prize'?
Task deadline: XX/XX/2010

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Blackberry isn't working!

Click here to see the video on youtube (subtitles available): BBC short video by The One Ronnie

Here you have a website with the puns and double meanings explained in Spanish:

Exercise 1. Write the explanation for at least one pun that Eduardo couldn't. If you can't find one, can you at least explain at least one better than he did?

Exercise 2. Write at least a new line for this dialogue. Try to imagine other puns or jokes that could go down in the same conversation. For example, when the Apple was 'rebooted', he could have added that it crashed because Apple isn't compatible with Windows.

Deadline: XX/XX/XX

Nespresso, what else?

This video project is your oral task for this second term.

You have to video-record yourselves in pairs or in threes (four is the maximum).

Watch this version of the Nespresso advert and invent a conversation that might take place on that sofa between a mortal and one, two or three heavenly creatures.

Deadline: to be handed in on 7th March 2011.

Penalty Shootout game

Practise the Passive Voice with this funny game.
Every time you give a correct answer, you can shoot out a penalty!
You can choose the goalkeeper (in the picture you can see Robie Williams)
There is the one-player option and a two-player option so you can play with your friend and answer in turns!

Click here to play.
Have fun!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Online Storytime books

You can buy the videos here:

Thursday, March 1, 2012



1) Prediccions sobre el futur :  will / won’t + INFINITIU base  (He will come = Ell vindrà)
                                                                                                                     Ç sense -s !!!
1.1.  Els adverbis (com probably = probablement, certainly =certament/segur, o definitely = definitivament/segur) es col·loquen després de will  i  abans de won’t.
I will probably study History. = Probablement estudiaré història.
I certainly won’t study Law. = Segur que no estudiaré dret.

1.2. I think (=crec que) i   I don’t think (crec que no) sempre van amb will
I think I will study Psychology. = Crec que estudiaré psicologia.
I don’t think I will study Physics. = Crec que no estudiaré física.

2) Possibilitats al futur :  may / might + INFINITIU base  (He may come = Potser vindrà)

AFFIRMATIVE                                   NEGATIVE
may = pot ser (que)                       may not = pot ser (que) no
might = podria ser que                 might not = podria ser que no
I may go to London. = Potser vaig a Londres. / Potser aniré a Londres.
I may not go to Italy. = Potser no aniré a Itàlia.
I might become a designer. = Podria ser que em faci dissenyador/a. / Potser em faré dissenyador/a.
I might not go to university. = Podria ser que no vagi a la universitat./ Potser no aniré a la universitat.

Friday, January 13, 2012

IRREGULAR verbs RAP song!

La cançó es titula STICK STUCK STUCK. 

I aquesta és la lletra de la cançó:

The microphone I 

TAKE (took, TAKen). You SHAKE (shook, SHAken). 
WAKE (woke, WOken) to the STYLE Im creAting. 
THINK (thought, THOUGHT). SEEK (sought, SOUGHT).
LISten to the LESson that I TEACH (taught, TAUGHT).

Dont SLEEP (slept, SLEPT). I CREEP (crept, CREPT). 
I SNEAK (snuck, SNUCK UP). You LEAP (leapt, LEAPT).
I KEEP (kept, KEPT) HAVing FUN. 
Im never BEAT (beat, BEAten); I WIN (won, WON).
DO (did, DONE). BeGIN (began, beGUN).
SHOOT (shot, SHOT)—no, I DONT own a GUN. 
I LEAD (led, LED) so I can FEED (fed, FED). 
the KNOWledge you NEED, STRAIGHT to your HEAD. 
When I BRING (brought, BROUGHT) it, you CATCH (caught, CAUGHT) it.
Sit BACKreLAX. Dont FIGHT (fought, FOUGHT) it.

Please don't

FREEZE (froze, FROzen) when I SPEAK (spoke, SPOken). 
Its REAL. You can FEEL I dont STEAL (stole, STOlen). 
I CHOOSE (chose, CHOsen) the VERy best RHYMES and
WRITE (wrote, WRITten) them INto my LINES and
INto your MIND. When we MEET (met, MET)
Ill BET (bet, BET) I wont LET you forGET 
(forGOTforGOTten). I GET (got, GOTten)
EVery head NODding. Dont THINK about STOPping
just COME (came, COME). 
THIS is hip hop. I dont SING (sang, SUNG).
I STING (stung, STUNG). I CLING (clung, CLUNG).
On EACH and every WORD, you HANG (hung, HUNG).

It's not enough to

DREAM (dreamt, DREAMT); youve got to SPEND (spent, SPENT)
TIME on your GOALS. Please LEND (lent, LENT) me your
EAR. Come NEAR and Ill LAY (laid, LAID)
DOWN this new SOUND that I MAKE (made, MADE). 
I HOPE you dont SAY that you THINK its JUNK.
I HOPE you dont THINK that I STINK (stank, STUNK).
If youre THIRSty for ENGlish, come DRINK (drank, DRUNK).
because I SINK (sank, SUNK) ALL compeTItion when they 
HEAR (heard, HEARD) that I GIVE (gave, GIVen)
encouragement when I SPIT (spat, SPAT).
Never QUIT (quit, QUIT); dont SIT (sat, SAT).
Yeah, I LIKE it like THAT. Ill even KNEEL (knelt, KNELT).
and BEG you to exPRESS what you FEEL (felt, FELT).

I RISE (rose, RISen) when I DRIVE (drove, DRIVen) through 
the BEAT; tap your FEET as you RIDE (rode, RIDden). 
Those that HIDE (hid, HIDden) I FIND (found, FOUND).
If you FLEE (fled, FLED) then Ill TRACK you DOWN.

Now you SEE (saw, SEEN) that I MEAN (meant, MEANT) 
every WORD of the MESsage that I SEND (sent, SENT). 
I SHOW (showed, SHOWN) I can FLY (flew, FLOWN).
Now you KNOW (knew, KNOWN) I SHINE (shone, SHONE).
Ill THROW (threw, THROWN) you the BALL. Its your TURN. 
GROW (grew, GROWN) with the VERBS that youve LEARNED. 
GRAMmar through LYRics I DRAW (drew, DRAWN). 
PEACE to elLS, now I GO (went, GONE)!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Practice IRREGULAR verbs!!

Here you have some websites where you can practice irregular verbs.
Escolta els verbs irregulars cantats Te'ls pots llegir mentre sonen i també descarregar-te els mp3! Repeat it as many times as you like!!

Vols comprovar si te'ls saps?
Exercici tipus test Clica "a", "b" o "c". Útil per estudiar la llista de verbs.
Completa les formes verbals Semblant als nostres exàmens de verbs. Molt útil.

Més exercicis:

Una pàgina amb fitxes d'exercicis de colors Clica a "Fullscreen" a la fitxa que vulguis fer.
Completa frases amb el verb entre parèntesi
Clica a "Grade me" per saber la teva nota.

BONUS! No et va bé estudiar-te els verbs alfabèticament? Aquí tens una web per download lists of irregular verbs organitzats de diferents maneres.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Machine translators are too literal

We all know many of you use machine translators for writing assignments, but machines translate literally and don't take the context into account. You usually trust them too much and don't revise the resulting translation, which often is rather hilarious for your teachers (well, when they manage to understand what you meant, that is.)

Here you have a funny example of a literal translator:

Can you think of other funny literal translations? Come on, contribute with your comments!
We will enjoy like midgets! (=nos lo pasaremos como enanos)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Welcome to our class blog.

Learning is going to be fun this year!